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Layda Wolfe - Director Kits
Layda Wolfe - Director Kits
$ 75.00

Layda Wolfe - Director Kits

Presenting a new generation of Christian & Inspirational Plays, where great plots and strong characters capture the audience's attention while they touch their hearts... and this, is the first story:

"Layda Wolfe: The Condition"


Layda Wolfe carefully arranges her victim in the chair.

She’s dressed him in the same bathrobe, as always, places the same book within his cold, blue hands, as the same lonely voice cries out that sad love song on the radio. Perhaps this time, his eyes are a different color, a different name, a different face, but they will always be the same man, just one man: Sergio.

“For the murder of twenty innocent men, two police officers and the death of your husband, Sergio White, I sentence you to three consecutive life terms.” Declared the Judge, when the ‘Deadly She-Wolf’ had been captured at last. “But what I really don’t understand, is how a woman like you, a woman who once had everything, everything, could fall so low, to become nothing more... than a monster.

Because Layda Wolfe was once a child prodigy, until she sold her soul... and became a killer.

Is a “monster” worthy of forgiveness? 


Director Kits include:
  • Full Script (for reading)
  • Rehearsal Script
  • Soundtrack, special effects plus the single "You Loved Me, Even Then"
  • High Res Logo and other marketing materials
  • Sample Rehearsal Schedule with Scene and Actor Divisions
  • Volunteer Certificates & other extras
  • Performance Rights (non-commercial)
Available in both English & Spanish!
Just choose Language before adding to cart.
**Due to our Expolit 2016 launch this September 15th, we are a little insane, so if you don't receive this order instantly, please be patient... it's coming very, very soon.

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